Verotti Bathroom Culture


SKU: VI.001


Leading from Lake Garda to the Brenta Dolomites the prominent city of Vestone, Italy, the origination of Verotti In-wall.

It is here where the blueprint is formulated and redefined to produce the utmost in-wall and flush plates.

Our strategy: versatility, innovation and sophistication.

Verotti in-wall world’s first cistern to be made from sound-proofing plastic material.

Research and development laboratories, a special plastic compound was design using a formula with the aim of reducing the noise emissions from the flush cistern. 

Laboratory tests show that the perceived noise from Verotti in-wall is 5 times lower compared to the most widely-used cistern on the market.

Code:         VI.001   Chrome
Features:   ABS 
                 Soft-touch Pneumatic Activation
                 Serves as access to cistern
                 Access to cistern & flush buttons is Required


Installation Instructions

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