A diverse and design collaborated team, focused on deliverance of superior craftsmanship and exceptional quality in bathroom ware fittings & fixtures.

Stylish, seamless and modern in design – our, toilet suites and basins to enduring bathroom accessories,  add dimension and elegance to your living space. Our custom made shower screens represents transparency – an alluring medium to enhnce the look and feel of any bathroom.

Through our commitment of extensive research and development, Verotti continues to lead the way for innovation, performance and functionality. Our passion lies within our Bathroom Culture

 Our brands we support


Bravat is the High-end brand of kitchen and bath products owned by Roman Dietsche, a German sanitary ware provider funded at Yr.1873.

We provide total solution for kitchen and bathroom to high-end customers with full ranges of sanitary products.
Our R&D Centers located in Germany and China respectively. The German perfection workmanship assure Bravat always brings you a healthy and comfortable bathroom experience. With German quality and stylish designs, Bravat products are popular in luxury hotels and commercial constructions around the world.\
Since Yr.2000, Bravat grows steady in China. Our products are frequently recommended by designers and applied in different 5-star hotels, private clubs and high-end residential estates.
Meanwhile, we keep improving our manufacturing technology and integrating our resources to support the brand development. It is Bravat’s global strategic goal to provide customer not only excellent products but also leading lifestyle.





Valsir was founded in 1987, on the basis of a precise industrial strategy adopted bythe Fondital Group – a holding that is leader in the plumbing and heating market with a sales turnover of over 900 million Euro and 2,600 employees – with factories in Italy, in Valsabbia to the north of Brescia and abroad in Portugal, Poland, Russia, Romania, theUkraine, France and South Africa.


Globo logo

ceramics_of_italy-ff3a2437703157697141d31e15c60232Since 1980 a success story Focused on increasing the vaue of human resources and on a balanced relationship with the environment, have led Ceramica Globo to become a leader in the health-hygiene and bathroom furniture industry. Always committed to understanding tastes and new fashions, Ceramica Globo looks to the future with constant process and product innovations that require the integration of many different competences, from design to engineering, from the chemistry of materials to logistics, from marketing to sociology.

The input of ideas, creativity and professional capacity of the team involved in these processes allow creating products of undisputed quality, which are reliable, technologically advanced and very stylish.



Through the driven power of  Verotti, our national project manager and the commitment to realising client’s needs and vision, PROJX was born. Our work begins with you. By creating a collaborative environment – combining architects and  clients at concept stage, the team at PROJX aims to ascertain a thorough and detailed briefing to understand and develop strategies that respond and transition the design concept to its fruition.

One of the fundamental aspects of a successful delivery of any project is the management of budgets and control of resources. We at PROJX believe in the deliverance of products that are of the highest degree of standard, cost effective solutions that minimise project risk without compromising quality and design vision.